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Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love

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  • Crime
  • Mystery & Detective
  • Romance
  • Urban Life

Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love
Millennial Carlos Almarón struggles past the unexpected loss of his recent lover, who dumped him the night he was to propose to her. Unable to come back to battery, his jet-set Manhattan friends abandon him, except for three women. Each helps his recovery for very different reasons: One is rebounding from the recent death of her husband after a long illness; another senses a predestined, romantic liaison; and Carmela Ariana, his childhood tomboy ally, walks among the wounded-in-love after abuses have nearly shattered any hope for finding everlasting love.

Ariana alone knows why Almarón's lover rejected him, and what happened to her right after. She fears that telling her longtime friend would push him away forever.

Almarón's road to recovery brings a series of haphazard events, but only after he traverses a tightrope of daydreams and nightmares that takes him back to the 11th century and then to his pubescent sexual escapades and would-be lovers in his collegiate years. The process helps him understand what he cherishes most about men and women, especially his closest friend Ariana.

The question is: Will Cupid find these two; will they discover the love the yseek where and when they least expect it?
* * * * *

If finding everlasting love means having to face intimate truths about ourselves no matter how hard or strange, then Almarón's and Ariana's story teaches us how to trust in the name of peace and love.

We all seek the kind of romance these two hapless lovers crave. Everyone faces the same choice in the war of the sexes: We must rise above the fray to win love against all odds, or fail in the attempt.

The winding road that takes Almarón and Ariana by surprise time after time also makes "Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love" a surprisingly wonderful, emotional roller-coaster, five-star read.
* * * * *
© 2015 by Ronald Joseph Kule. Reserved.

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