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Mythos Christos

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  • Action & Adventure
  • Historical
  • Suspense
  • Thrillers

Mythos Christos
Could ancient secrets threaten Christianity?

A Vatican team invites the young scholar Lex Thomasson to Egypt to help them solve a sequence of puzzles left by 5th century philosopher Hypatia in her attempt to preserve the truth about the hidden origins of Christianity ─ information the Church did not want exposed.

Lex finds himself on an archaeological treasure hunt! But as he unlocks the secrets along the path, mortal peril follows. What forbidden knowledge would the desperate Hypatia risk her life to save and Lex jeopardize his to uncover?

The scene alternates between the two time periods. In both, assassins lurk and fanatics abound. And all along, religious Faith and historical Truth struggle for supremacy.

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