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Trusting Bamboo Bridges

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'General'

Trusting Bamboo Bridges
Kelley is an experienced laboratory supervisor, and has been hunting malaria in African clinics for years, so when she is asked to temporarily supervise the lab in a Burmese refugee camp, she figures it will be a quick and easy babysitting job.
She could not be more wrong.
The Burmese military, SLORC, is on the move, ethnic Karen refugees are flooding over the border, and the aid agency CIVIL is mobilizing. Kelley finds herself in a team of well-meaning Westerners, and a diverse mix of ethnic Karen, who have politics, personal bias and even the weather conspiring against them.
Trusting Bamboo Bridges challenges our views of an idyllic Thailand, helpless refugees, and selfless aid-workers. Written by Katherine Johnson, who spent two years working along the Thai-Burmese border, Trusting Bamboo Bridges is a memoir gone mad. The story is loosely based on Katherine's experiences, but encompasses the true history of this complex region.

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