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Of Gods and Ghosts

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Ghost'

3rd Place 2016
Malachi Hunter and his partner, Teena Maunder, are looking forward to spending the half-term school holiday with their daughter Carolyn. Their plans are quickly derailed when Malachi’s mother asks him to investigate a possible haunting on behalf of a work colleague. He has barely begun, when he is called away to assist in an active police murder case with occult overtones; leaving Carolyn and Teena to investigate the haunting.

Teena, although a believer, is completely inexperienced in paranormal investigating. Guided by her daughter, Carolyn, she receives a baptism of fire with a case that is anything but straightforward. To compound the difficulties, an unexpected and unwelcome letter arrives, forcing Teena to confront traumatic events from her past.

Malachi finds himself embroiled in an increasingly desperate and dangerous struggle between opposing occultists for control of Camulos, the mythical Pagan God of Warfare. The barriers between accepted reality and supposed fantasy break down for those involved in the case; with unimagined results.

In the face of uncertainty, betrayal, fear, and mortal danger, they must find a way to prevail; or the consequences will be dire and far-reaching.

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