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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Occult & Supernatural'

1st Place 2016
A Demon’s Obsession Knows No Bounds

Rachel and Angelina Thrust are loving sisters, driven from their homeland following the murder of their parents. Although they believe that they are safe, the enemies of their past follow them and strike when the two least expect it.

Their parents were the leaders of a religious sect who denounced the practice of using dark power. Because of their principled beliefs, they were betrayed and murdered by members within their own clan. Rachel unleashes a firestorm upon the mob, which allows the sisters to escape with their followers. The group settle in Virginia, and a peaceful decade passes.

Until César.

Cesar is a handsome but insidious weapon summoned by the enemies of the Thrust family, the Trinity clan. The Trinity clan order Cesar to seduce Rachel and then convince her to either begin to use her dark powers or to kill her. Instead, Cesar focuses his morbid and carnal desires upon Angelina. He seduces, rapes and nearly kills the younger sister, and forces Rachel to use her dark powers to save the life of her beloved younger her sister. Angelina is rescued from death, but she is altered. In exchange for her mortal life, she became a hybrid of a vampire and priestess, the blood of undead pulsing through her veins. .

Driven to unimaginable depths of sorrow and agony brought about from this unholy change in Angelina, Rachel sends her sister to her mentor and spiritual guide. Rachel hopes that Auntie’s commanding powers are enough to restore her sister's humanity. Demonic and dark urges raging within him, César pursues Angelina to the bayou. His lust evolves into an unrelenting obsession and Angelina’s people become the casualties of his desire.

Angelina fights to not only to regain her humanity, but also to save the lives and souls of those she loves. It is a battle that will span the course of decades.

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