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Photography by J. Robert Sosby

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Photography by J. Robert Sosby
This presentation is the result of a collaboration between photographer, J. Robert Sosby of Atlanta, Georgia and author, Ron Shaw of Gwinnett County, Georgia.
Ron has used photography by his brother-in-law, Rob, in three of his poetry books, Without From Within: Poems by Ron Shaw, TraVerses: Poems by Ron Shaw, and Southern Brewed Poetry. For the first two books of poems, a photograph by Rob was also chosen for the covers. Ron has also borrowed another for the cover of his novelette entitled J. This publication's cover will also be created using one of Rob's photos.
In this book, the author has attempted to present a visually pleasing showcase of his brother-in-law's fine photography without cluttering beauty with unneeded text.
The reader or viewer will begin to appreciate the photographer's keen eye and impeccable, artistic vision, capturing nature in its splendor. Rob's visual voice is subtle yet strong. To Rob, photography is a passion that he continues to pursue, spending countless hours waiting for the perfect sunlight, shade, or position of his subject before snapping the shots. There is a calm presence, possibly an innocence that emanates from his photography.
Simplicity will guide this project. The book's contents will be divided into sections, such as Flowers, Plants, Landscapes, Trees, etc.
Rob and I hope you enjoy his marvelous photography.

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