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We Lived in Atlantis, This is Our Story

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Cover in category: 'Non-Fiction' > 'History'

We Lived in Atlantis, This is Our Story
Are you aware of your past lifetimes in the lost continent of Atlantis? Some people are.
If you happen to be unfamiliar with the name, Edgar Cayce, the most probable reason is that you hail from a younger generation. Edgar Cayce, the legendary American mystic, is regarded by many as America’s Nostradamus. Edger passed on in 1945 but he left behind an enormous legacy of unimaginably accurate psychic readings on an unusually diverse assortment of topics. It is estimated that Edgar gave more than 15,000 psychic readings in his lifetime but in the earlier years the copies of his readings, primarily medical readings, were not retained, and the only record of the reading was given or sent to the individual requesting the reading.
Today, Edgar’s Association for Research and Enlightenment is still a thriving, charitable foundation in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where members (membership is definitely not expensive) can view copies of over 14,000 complete Edgar Cayce psychic readings. Approximately 10,000 of these readings are medical readings, about 2500 are classified as life or reincarnation readings, and the remainder of the readings cover topics as diverse as domestic relations, the stock market and real estate investment, creation, the life and times of Jesus and those close to Him, as well as numerous other subjects. Well over 300 books, including over 30 biographies have been written using Edgar’s amazing readings.
I have researched the Edgar Cayce readings for many years, in particular the 2500 life or reincarnation readings for 2000 individuals. Over 600 of these life readings included incarnations from the lost continent of Atlantis. I have organized just over 500 of these Atlantis-related readings in a basically although not entirely chronological order so as to present a partial history of Atlantis. I have identified these 500 recipients using the information provided at the beginning of each Edgar Cayce reading, which includes date of birth, place of birth, current location, occupation, and religious affiliation in some cases. Actual names are not revealed.
Yes, over 600 people know about their past lifetimes in Atlantis. Are you curious?

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