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Cover Contest 2017: Music Business Bastards

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Cover in category: 'Non-Fiction' > 'Music'

Confucius once said if you want to know what is up the road ahead ask the man coming back down it.
Music Business Bastards (How to do well in the music business without getting ripped off) is that man.
Knowledge is key to being successful in the music industry. Sadly talent alone will not get you where you want to go.
Knowledge is also important if you don’t want to get ripped off.
It’s not just record labels with their new 360 deals it’s also the Internet that is exploiting the music artists to the full.
Sadly in an industry with huge numbers of people looking to get somewhere it will always attract predators.
In a very crowded market place, where once you were up against thousands, now you are up against millions because of the advent of the Internet and shows like X-factor and Pop Idol.
So it’s crucial that you stand out from the crowd in every way and MBB explains exactly how to do this.
It also gives out many tips about doing things on a shoestring budget whilst competing against the major companies as well as how to raise money and save lots of money. This alone is worth far more than the cost of this book.

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