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Cover Contest 2017: The Phoenix Syndrome

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Contemporary Women'

Cover Contest 2017: The Phoenix Syndrome
Rock Star Contemporary Romance

Turning forty rocks a research technician's world. Her husband leaves her, and then she's bitten by a mouse at work. She snaps, taking off to chase after her old dream of a music career and her new crush: a rock band drummer.

Lannie Marvin's 40th birthday is rough. It's the day she discovers her marriage has been over for awhile. . .she just never got the memo. At work, a crazed lab mouse brutally bites her--one being treated with a libido-enhancing drug. Lannie snaps and takes off for a wild weekend.

Tristan Allard, drummer & songwriter for a heavy metal band, lost his wife and muse to cancer five years ago. So when the sexually charged Lannie literally plows into him at the backstage reception, Tristan is ready to learn more about her--and her long-buried interest in musical composition.

But their frenzied affair can't last. Tristan is headed to the UK to audition his next album. And Lannie soon learns an elevated libido isn't the only effect of that experimental drug.

The treated mice have gone deaf.

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