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Cover Contest 2017: MPower the Shaman

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Cover in category: 'Non-Fiction' > 'Body, Mind & Spirt'

Cover Contest 2017: MPower the Shaman
In his early ages, the author would see people inside glass jars, as a subconscious protection and defense. Later on, he understood that glass is breakable and cold, and that what he would see was in fact energy, consciousness, protecting and defending people, connecting them to others and to the Universe. That was a turning point to understand oneness, and the fact that we are all connected through consciousness. Consciousness, or the energy that can be a healer itself if you allow it to. Mind is the product of the physical brain and consciousness that comes to you the moment you’re born.
Mind power is what you get when you understand the principles of life itself. When you reach consciousness, when you allow yourself to travel through it. When you heal yourself. When you finally embrace life as a universal gift of connection.
Know how to heal yourself and others through this energy of consciousness. The rituals of healing and gratitude, and what we can learn from the stones and nature itself. From silence. From our own rebirth. Allow the shift to happen. Be a shaman. A healer. A human living in a higher consciousness.
Life is not randomly happening to you: Life is responding to you, and only through consciousness you can make life happen your way.

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