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Cover Contest 2017: False Roads To Manhood

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Cover in category: 'Non-Fiction' > 'Self-Help'

False Roads To Manhood, Frank Chase book 2.JPG
Here are the startling facts that matter. Most men don't know they're on the endangered species list. When society’s men begin to crumble like a failing dynasty, it is a sign that families will suffer the consequences. As we build more and more prisons, we can see the light dim as more men disappear, leaving mothers to raise sons and daughters without fathers. Published Author, Frank Chase Jr, a native of Baltimore Md. shares a story of his own troubled life and relationships and details his seven-year journey of experiences into the heart and soul of the secret life of manhood and how men recover from brokennes. He uncovers answers and presents a written state of the union address to share wisdom, knowledge, and understanding about men and unmasks the hidden truths about the phenomenon of boyhood to manhood and its rite of passages. False Roads to Manhood, subtitled, What Women Need To Know, What Men Need To Understand, answers questions about men that most people only think about but dare not ask. The journey will revolutionize the lives of men and women concerning the greatest issues of the millennium. Are you ready? Dr. Chase writes with surgical precision and guides men on an extraordinary journey through their souls, not only to help men understand themselves but informs women about today's men spiritually and emotionally as they trek to their true purpose as fathers and sons without the baggage of hyper-masculinity and muscular christianity. False Roads to Manhood is a informative tool that guides, counsels and presents truths that touch the heart and sheds light on the paths to authentic manhood.

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