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Cover Contest 2017: Changes From a Sunset

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Christian'

2nd Place 2017
Changes From a Suset
Tali and her surfer boyfriend Cole are easygoing and comfortable with each other. As a freelance sports writer, Cole meets very interesting people, and two such persons have a huge influence on him, and he gives his life to God. In turn, and to the delight of her parents, Tali finds her way back to God, having slipped away for many years.
Tali works for an adventure company and by accidentally thinking aloud in the elevator she sparks the idea to have cartoons put on the elevator doors, leaving a lasting impression with the bosses.

Tragedy strikes. Cole and Tali’s father are killed in a car accident. Through her faith – she can only maintain her sanity by believing in God’s ultimate plan for hr life. Alongside her, is her family, in particular her mother, friends, and colleagues that are always there to pick her up when she falls.
Tali and her brother, Eric, inherit their father’s business but neither is keen to continue in his footsteps, they merge with the company where Tali works. After all the legal proceedings are over, Tali is approached to work alongside the owners and forms a lasting friendship with Josh De Luca.

A bond between Tali and a beautiful little-orphaned girl called Coco brings her joy and happiness again, helping her heart to open and perhaps even to love once more.

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