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Cover Contest 2017: Russian Jews Don't Cry

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Cultural Heritage'

Cover Contest 2017: Russian Jews Don't Cry
Only one man can't fall asleep at that late hour on board of Chinese jumbo jet heading to New York. It seems that the entire universe found peace with itself, slowly revealing unfamiliar constellations behind the window. Something is bothering him. Usually a sound sleeper, he didn’t require much to drift away, but not on that night. He doesn’t know what it is… Maybe, it is all just a dream…

If reality can turn into bizarre fantasy, and the fantasy can morph back into reality, then a twilight transition may exist somewhere on the way.

The story is written as told by a young man in his twenties, bouncing around the world as a boat set loose in a stormy sea, trying to find his place in it. He hits the biggest jackpot of his life and lets it go away so easy.

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