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Cover Contest 2017: The Heirloom

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Thrillers'

The Heirloom.JPG
When the Bureau's special exec, Brannigan, takes his bowling buddy Ted Bester to the Maryland seacoast, the last thing the Agency field operative expects is to meet a woman publicly buried as an assassin's victim. Bester's skepticism grows when Dr. Randi Woolner tells him that she is tied to the elusive hit-man’s mind through a four hundred year old locket with a curse on it. She further reveals facts about the fragmented psyche of a killer who collects mementos from each of his jobs to store in his "biography" war chest.

However, when a day later he races for the seacoast, in response to her emergency call, and "meets" a presence staring at him through her eyes, he starts to believe that the ancient curse works. The most disturbing thing Randi has gleaned through the unorthodox link is that the killer takes inordinate pride in his perfect elimination record. Both agencies' protocol dictates that the incredible opportunity like the young woman should be used as bait. And while Bester never before had problems with such ruthless approach, this time his growing attraction to the young woman makes him hesitate. He knows that if he follows protocol, it will be a matter of days before the killer learns that he has finally made a mistake and comes after her.

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