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Cover Contest 2017: The Milestone Conflict

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Science Fiction'

Inaction is action...and that is the tragedy.

As several worlds barrel toward a conflict more deadly than any before, the self-styled frontier gods, the Treetop Witches, watch and wait. Their rules forbid them to interfere. To take action, may drastically alter the destiny of a civilization. So they wait and worry, forcing their emotions to flatline as they track the inevitable. Sanubia, their leader, is old and weary, but must enforce the gods’ protocols…even at the expense of her own spirit.

Avram DeWynter, brother of President Esteban DeWynter, undertakes a diplomatic mission to the resort world of Hettamir. Accompanied by his family, Avram’s duty is to sign the first formal treaty between Hettamir and the unified galactic federation. Hettamir’s leader is the beautiful and charismatic Ahrun Dyem. A staunch politico who fiercely fights for her people’s independence, Ahrun commands respect from everyone…except the pirates who will do anything to stop the treaty.

As every faction—the Confederation, Hettamir and the pirates—ruthlessly follows their own course, time rushes forward, heedless of the impending tragedy that will forever be known as…The Milestone Conflict.

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