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Cover Contest 2017: The OtherWorld 1: The Book of Eudemon

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Young Adult'

Cover Contest 2017: The OtherWorld 1: The Book of Eudemon
Up, up and away, high above the clouds, in a place called Strangely, there is a little crooked house. Before Gorgon was banished to The OtherWorld, she vowed that each generation of girls who lived in the crooked house would become stronger and stronger, until the arrival of four sisters. After Chris sends Emily The Book of Eudemon and they read the inscription embedded in the leather cover of the large, heavy book, they all feel a sense of foreboding. When a demon attacks them to steal their powers, they discover they are the protectors of the innocent, but only if they work together.

The series follows four girls, known as The Keepers of Humanity, who live in Strangely. They are the most powerful Werewitchpyres of all time, who use their combined Powers to protect innocent lives from evil beings such as demons from The OtherWorld. Their unusual mix of paranormal genes often make them the target of dark forces who fear them, and the potential power they wield.

The OtherWorld is a series of SHORT STORIES.

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