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Cover Contest 2017: Life in the War Zone

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'War & Military'

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Life in the War Zone
A collection of poignant, eye opening stories and articles, written primarily as fictional accounts, yet based on true experiences from major war zones around the globe. Each story and article has been formed from interviews, discussions, reports and dialogues from those directly involved and affected by conflict.
Life in the War Zone brings you the emotional truth about the effects and the long lasting legacy of pain and suffering, to both combat troops and innocent civilian lives, devastated by war and armed conflict.
Revealed, the cold hard facts; tales from the front line you probably do not want to consider. Situations you do not want to believe are true. Yet these things have happened, are still happening now.
For many, the fight continues long after the last shots of the battle have been fired. Physical trauma, disability and PTSD linger for years, even entire lifetimes, following conflict and struggle.
These are the sad facts of modern warfare.

“In war, there are no unwounded”

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