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Cover Contest 2017: Primal Deception

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Psychological'

Cover Contest 2017: Primal Deception
If only FBI Special Agent Jill Oliver had waited for her backup. But as any FBI agent knows, sometimes you can’t negotiate with Father Time.

Jill Oliver works as a Crimes Intelligence Analyst in the FBI Remote Viewing department—a clandestine department set up to assist Homeland Security. The FBI Violent Crimes Unit requests the assistance of the RV group to help track a brutal serial killer—The Iceman, also known as Matthew McGregor. The Iceman loves bludgeoning his victims to death in the face with an ice pick. When the RV group discovers his location, Jill Oliver soon finds herself in a horrific situation with no choice but to push past levels of physical brutality and psychological cruelty—levels that no human should ever have to endure.

This psychological thriller delves into the evil that lurks in the human spirit—uncloaking a shadow that will test your faith in humankind...

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