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Cover Contest 2017: Lutor: Prophet of the New Age

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  • Science Fiction
  • Visionary & Metaphysical

Cover Contest 2017: Lutor: Prophet of the New Age
A Mystical Science Fiction Adventure.

Bodekka: Daughter of Lutor is the second volume in the Xerses Chronicles Trilogy.

Set in the 25th century, Bodekka: Daughter of Lutor continues the story of Lutor: Prophet of the New Age.

Humankind is on an evolutionary journey. Lutor is the first Prophet sent to the new species Homo Sapiens Novus. Both he and his progeny belong to a yet more advanced experimental species – Homo Sapiens Provectus.

Bodekka soon acknowledges that she must leave her previous role as a small-town librarian – if she is to fulfill her destiny.

With humanity spiraling out of control, she acts on Queen Ariadne’s advice, and undertakes full military officer training.

After exploring other avenues, Bodekka establishes that she can only bring humankind back on course when she begins to utilize her full feminine powers.

The storyline, which is full of twists and turns, brings Bodekka to life as a gritty yet also very warm and human individual. The plot also introduces her fraternal twins Boas and Qila, who form the backbone of the third volume in this series.

Toward the end of the book, the story also offers excerpts from Bodekka’s mystical teachings, drawn from her mission in later years.

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