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Cover Contest 2017: The Falcon's Revenge

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  • Action & Adventure
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  • War & Military

Cover Contest 2017: The Falcon's Revenge
What has a war orphan, a terrorist organization and an F-16 fighter jet got in common? The answer is the motive, method and means for revenge.

Prior to the start of Operation Enduring Freedom a young Afghan boy’s parents and younger brother are accidently killed and his sister critically injured by American commandos. The seed of motivation is planted. A terrorist organization called the Warrior Brotherhood provides the method by nurturing that seed to adulthood; by indoctrinating the young man with radical religious and political beliefs. When he’s an adult he learns to fly and joins the fledgling Afghan Air Force. The third leg of the triad is complete. He is sent to the United States to learn how to fly the F-16, aka The Fighting Falcon. He finally has the means and soon the opportunity to exact his revenge.

One of the Warrior Brotherhood’s international terror cells ships weapons and a stealth drone to Mexico from their secret base in the Cape Verde Islands and smuggles the cache into the U.S. Dubbed Operation Falcon by the terrorists its goal is to secretly arm an F-16 and attack a large public gathering at an airshow celebrating Military Appreciation Day. The airshow VIP list includes the President of the United States, Government officials and Defense contractor CEOs. A recently retired FBI agent, now private detective, Eric Tyson discovers and tries to stop the terrorists from carrying out their plan.

Betrayal and deception play out on the ground and in the sky of the American Southwest. Time is running out…

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