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Cover Contest 2017: Promises Made

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Romance'

Promises made front cover.jpg
Sometimes love doesn't come before marriage; sometimes love drifts in when you least expect it...

Joy Ryder is a dreamer that loves a good thunderstorm and taking care of her father, but deep down she longs for love to sweep her away. Her life is filled with hard work on the small farm that her father owns. Their life isn't easy, but it's all Joy has ever known. She'd do anything for her father, even marry a man she doesn't love when their farm is threatened.
Nash Collins is part Cheyenne and rough around the edges. He'd given up on marriage a long time ago. Nobody wanted their daughter to marry a half-breed. Then when Hank Ryder comes to him with a business proposition, he realizes that his dream of having a family of his own is about to come true. But, would Hank's daughter become the wife he needed?
A hasty wedding makes for a rough start to a marriage, but Joy sees it as no choice. She soon realizes that marriage to the handsome Nash Collins isn't that bad. Love takes them by surprise as they get to know one another. It's just after their love blooms that Nash is called away. Will it tear them apart or make their love stronger?

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