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Cover Contest 2017: Carson Chance, P. I.

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Mystery & Detective'

Cover Contest 2017: Carson Chance, P. I.
The sixties were full of hippies, hitchhiking, drugs and war. Carson Chance, a twenty-four year old Viet Nam War veteran returns home to Dallas without a college degree and an injured leg. By chance, he is offered a position at a small private investigating company.
His life is interrupted when he is cruising on his motorcycle on the interstate
and stops to pick up a ravishing brunette looking for a ride. Amy Warren is
younger than she looks and tugs on Carson's heart string when he finds she has
run a-way from home. He offers her a place to sleep for the night but she is determined not to leave and becomes his roommate; Amy fuels the fire that burns within him and the sparks begin to fly. The arrangement works for a while until Carson decides to investigate her past, uncovering a mask of lies and deception.
Wanted for murdering her step-father, he finds she is a fugitive from the law.
The story takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride through several years
of their traumatic relationship, where two dysfunctional people try to survive
during a dysfunctional time.

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