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Cover Contest 2017: The Twilight Tsunami

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Thrillers'

Child Protective Services is filled with workers who are maxed-out with child removal cases and who face dangerous situations daily. One worker Grey, the toughest social worker in the unit, who loses no sleep over removing children from drug homes and homeless parks to put them into foster care, starts to unravel when he takes a newborn from a hysterical mother who fights to keep her baby. To worsen matters, another worker in his unit plots to get his seniority, and she does the worse thing to him that could ever happen to a social worker. Grey is forced into a dangerous psychological state, and he must do something desperate to save himself. In order to survive, he has to find his co-worker’s Achilles Heel to stop her.acts of destruction. One of them will be transformed or destroyed

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