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Cover Contest 2017: Blithering Genius

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  • Humorous
  • Science Fiction

Cover Contest 2017: Blithering Genius
There are things man was not meant to wot of. Unfortunately, hair has no such restriction. For one head of evil genius hair, time travel has unintended consequences. The multiverse, Time, and all that is reality challenged is at risk. Finding and unlocking the Prime Universe has never been more urgent or more difficult. Doing so while Time exists may be impossible

Blithering Genius is book two of The Other Universes. It continues the story lines from Reality Challenged as Psychann tries to pull her companions together to face a threat against Time. Psychann will need help from old friends as well as new allies. There are doppelgangers, telepathic fish, subterranean tunnel dwellers, insane computers, time travelling intelligent parasites, mosquito-beagle hybrids, mimes, and spiders. Sorry about those, by the way.

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