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Cover Contest 2017: The Autumnal Winds

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Visionary & Metaphysical'

1st Place 2017
Cover Contest 2017: The Autumnal Winds
Mei is no stranger to loneliness. Loneliness torments her day in and day out. In one heart-pounding blow after another, we discover the true extent of Mei's desolation. Eager to overcome the intense sadness in her heart, she suddenly decides to go somewhere special for her birthday. Unfortunately the solitude immediately crushes her. She quickly heads to a park to calm down. It is in that park where she finds an abandoned manuscript sitting on a bench. During Mei's riveting search for the author of the manuscript, she unexpectedly meets an intriguing person who forever changes her life.

The Autumnal Winds provides a profound and fascinating window into human nature. By alternating between the past and present and by referencing unique cultural beliefs, it explores the inspiring and captivating themes of interconnectivity and companionship.

The Autumnal Winds is suitable for those who like light novels, philosophy, Japanese mythology and the slice of life genre.

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