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First Lines Contest 2017: The Ghosts of the Past

Laurel  A. Rockefeller December 29, 2016
First Lines Contest 2017: The Ghosts of the Past
“This is An-Men Ten-Ar. The next stop is An-Men gate historical monument” flashed the indicator signs all over and across the light rail cars following an almost invisible monorail along the streets of the capitol city of Hejing. On the outside of the twelve light rail cars making up this particular train flashed the train line indicator, “An-Men Xi Fang.” As the light rail slowed to its stop called An-Men Ten-Ar, a well-dressed house Ten-Ar professional wearing a blue doublet over a green kirtle and trousers emerged from the fourth car, along with a few dozen other commuters, the emblem of Beinarian healers embroidered on his doublet.

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