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Cover Contest 2018: This Too Shall Pass

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Small Category - Cover Contest Only'

Semi Finalist
Cover Contest 2018: This Too Shall Pass
Alana Waverly is a strong and complex woman, who has hit rock bottom and the thought of suicide briefly crosses her mind. Rather than being saved by outside circumstances, she rallies from the loss of a high-power job, financial ruin, the death of her mother, threat of eviction, and serious injury. Slowly, she endures these unfortunate events and realizes her full potential is responsible for her own change, because her struggles and her ability to overcome them, comes from deep within.

Fate brings, Dylan Clayburn, into her life, quite by accident and at the worse possible time in her life. He is drawn to her like a moth to a flame despite her indifference towards him. Dylan is a man, who loves a challenge and; he uses his charms to slowly chip away at her hard exterior.

When Alana is injured in an accident, she places an impenetrable wall around herself, refusing his attempts to be there for her. His patience is paramount in helping her learn more about herself, but he is not responsible for her success and the end result, proves awe-inspiring.

This Too Shall Pass is an inspirational story of love, optimism, and hopefulness.

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