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Cover Contest 2018: Snatching Hope Away

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Christian'

Cover Contest 2018: Snatching Hope Away
Two years after entering the Portal Through Time arches, Kate returns to Fountain Gorge, Arizona. Her cousin, Kaleb James, was suppose to be there when she returned, but she is immediately taken prisoner as a subversive of the United World order, who is purging the earth of all who believe in the Lord God Almighty.

A pocket watch that Kaleb used to defeat evil in Fountain Gorge is given to Kate to engage Mantee, an eight-foot trash horse who comes alive when the watch crystal is placed in a mantel clock that hangs around his neck. However, Mantee is disassembled while she is gone and the group, which is selected by the Lord, searches for Mantee’s pieces before they are melted down.

Double agents on the inside of the United World order rescue Kate from certain death. Together with six other teens, they find Mantee’s pieces who are used to try and save hundreds of other children who are destined to die during one of the world’s most trying times.

The United World Patrol and a renegade Isis foursome, seek to annihilate Kate before she turns the evil tide. Will Kate remain God’s girl by fulfilling her calling? Snatching Hope Away will keep you turning each page to answer that question.

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