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Cover Contest 2018: Private Reserve

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Romance'

Semi Finalist
Cover Contest 2018: Private Reserve

In the glamorous and hedonistic world of luxury wine, Ela Zalewski is at the height of her career. The Montreal-based wine agent spent years building her own business through hard work, persistence and excellence and is now enjoying the fruits of her labor. Though not classically beautiful, Ela is a very alluring woman nonetheless. The petite brunette exudes so much self-confidence and sensuality that she never lacks for admirers among the flamboyant men she encounters in her industry. Well aware of her effect on the opposite sex, Ela has, over the years, enjoyed physical pleasure with some very accomplished lovers to whom she had no real emotional ties—just the way she likes it.

On a business trip to Bordeaux, Ela meets billionaire industrialist Torsten Lucas Furst, who runs his empire out of Munich. Enigmatic with a commanding presence, Torsten still has a trace of boyish good looks to soften his handsome masculine features. Ela finds that irresistible and agrees to join him for a romantic tryst in Rome, where he expertly initiates her in a deeper discovery of her sexuality and takes her to new heights of passion.

Torsten is at first intrigued by Ela and then enamored of her as she becomes his perfect match in bed. Ela reaches a new level of erotic intimacy when she falls deeply in love for the first time in her life.

Ela and Torsten enjoy the pleasures of the privileged while their need for each other grows. When Torsten talks about a future together, Ela dreams of a happily ever after. But their bliss is short lived, as Ela soon learns that what Torsten has in mind is not what she had hoped for. Destiny brought these two improbable lovers together. Will two strong wills and stubborn pride stand in the way of reconciliation?

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