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Cover Contest 2018: Last Communion

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Science Fiction'

LAST 1 w_light.jpg
An alien abduction gone wrong. For millennia, a race of extraterrestrials has had its way with humans: manipulating our genes, testing us, mutilating us, and experimenting with us in ways that would impress the cruelest of Nazi medical torturers. One night, they yank the wrong human from his bed. Daniel Hunter, a rather common example of the human race, soon turns the tables and finds himself alone on their vessel orbiting high above Earth. Ironically, he’s free, but marooned and helpless. Until that is, he discovers a powerful partner who joins him in the quest to rid humanity of the alien plague it didn’t even know existed. In his efforts to put an end to the alien interference, he and his partner steal from the Russian Mafia, raid Iranian militias for atomic weapons, and obliterate a Mexican drug cartel… just for practice. But he wasn’t prepared for the biggest challenge of all: Rachel. Does he dare take this woman with him, exposing her to the possibility of an unutterably cruel fate? As their plans began to unravel, the decision is made for him. When the aliens at last discover who is behind their troubles, all hell breaks loose. Daniel Hunter is again their target, and this time they’re playing for keeps.

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