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Cover Contest 2018: Blood Price

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  • Fantasy
  • Occult & Supernatural
  • Romance

Cover Contest 2018: Blood Price
All Josaleene had ever wanted, was to never want for anything ever again. Being chosen and turned into a Noble was all a part of her plan, though she never thought she would fall in love with the man who would turn her. She also had not planned on being dropped into the middle of the return of an Ancient Enemy and the war that was looming. Her beloved Dartein would go to the ends of the earth to protect her, but would it be at the cost of losing the coming war? Josaleene has within her the answer to their survival, and possibly her destruction as well. Dartein has been alive for several centuries, but he had never felt truly alive until he met Josaleene. Defying all Noble custom, he took her as his chosen and bound the two of them together for eternity. But all their happiness does not seem destined to last as long buried secrets seemed determined to tear them apart. Upset that his father, the Patriarch, refuses to help them directly, Dartein becomes desperate to find the answer that will save their love. Even with the threat of old enemies lurking nearby, he leaves his lady love behind to seek out the one thing that may be able to help them. The price of the answer is blood, but whose?

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