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Cover Contest 2018: Impostor Assassin

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Suspense'

Cover Contest 2018: Impostor Assassin
Can you ever have a happy ending when evil lurks in every corner?

After years of hard work, Richard Foxxen has successfully created an innovative software publishing program which can make Instant Bestsellers. It's a dream come true for authors everywhere in the world, signifying a renaissance in the field of independent publishing.

But, the SWAMP corporation controls the world of publishing and it sees things differently. With its tentacles of evil spread across the globe and into the lives of billions, SWAMP cannot let this technology threaten their position of power. And they'll do whatever it takes to keep it, and prevent Richard from further transforming publishing.

As a brutal warning Richard's family are murdered one by one, by trained SWAMP Assassins. Distraught, he receives the final blow when his only teenage daughter Mariah disappears without a trace. With no one to turn to, Richard concentrates on his work and relentlessly searches for his missing daughter.

After fifteen years of grief and solitude, Richard receives a message from Mariah: She's alive. Could this really be his daughter returned after all these years? Or is it just another trick played by SWAMP to keep Richard bowed and broken?

Richard must now risk his life to rescue his last surviving family member, and destroy SWAMP to save independent publishing. He has a plan, but is there anybody out there he can trust to help him?

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