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Cover Contest 2018: The Roswell Discrepancy

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front cover.Roswell_Discrepancy.jpg
Everything you know about Roswell is wrong. There was a crash from the sky. There was a government cover-up. And yes Timmy, there are aliens. But the truth about Roswell isn’t just in the White House, but runs through Moscow, 10 Downing Street, then lands at Morgannwg, a country estate outside of Cardiff in Wales, and onto the lap of Deetz Mac Innes. Deetz, a skilled martial artist and clairsentient, would rather be anywhere else but Morgannwg – too many bad memories and unresolved longings. A phone call from his sister and his father’s murder changes everything and now resolving the discrepancies between official records and double crosses become his central focus – well, those and not falling in love.

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