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Cover Contest 2018: Odyssey Bourne Force

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  • Action & Adventure
  • Science Fiction

The first instalment of the OBF series. Forty-year-old Kate Willard’s less-than-ordinary life changes forever when strange, incoherent dreams and visions begin to take over her reality. Initially unaware of this “alien” intrusion, Kate realizes her sanity is beginning to crumble and embarks on an extraordinary quest that pushes her into the vast reaches of our galaxy…and beyond!
A privately funded covert organization is running a project known as the Odyssey Bourne Force. In their possession is humankind’s most formidable discovery: an indestructible monolithic stone 'door' uncovered in 1999 during an excavation. Realizing the consequences of its astonishing properties, O.B.F. must now race against time to save Earth from forces that threaten to alter the fabric of life itself. Will this door help or bring forth an evil unrivalled in human history?
The decimation and control of the human race is inevitable, yet no one truly realizes they are under attack. Should the organization warn the public? Can the situation be contained, or is it too late?
Everything is poised to change and the past, present and future is reliant on one individual - but whom can Kate rely on, if not herself?
Odyssey Bourne Force journeys into a universe of multi-dimensional galactic disharmony and powers beyond the imagination.

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