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Cover Contest 2018: Mystic Evermore

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Fantasy'

Cover Contest 2018: Mystic Evermore
Welcome to the weird world of Mystic Evermore.

Two new families move to town, and begin to meet the local residents. Eighteen year old Bridget Etheridge shares her very first kiss with the mysterious Damien Nevermore; while Javier Tilton embarks on a search for a girlfriend who understands his unique interests.

Cecelia is an Australian author and poet who has a special interest in American Literature. In 1993 she completed a Masters' thesis on H.P. Lovecraft and the 'Gothic' or 'weird tale'

The book cover is a combination of hand drawn and computer generated art. I started with a sketch I wanted to show an artist, but they said they did not have time, so I had to use my own work.

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