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Cover Contest 2018: Call of the Falconer

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Science Fiction'

Semi Finalist
Call of The Falconer cover.jpg
You knew this was coming...
Hell, we all did...In a post-apocalyptic world, teen-aged Jeremy rushes to come of age even as the addict Morgan tries to reclaim his lost manhood and forgotten humanity. Jeremy's sister Alicia is a young girl with a teddy bear under her arm...and the heart of a lion beating in her chest. The monsters are all too real, both the human ones and the perversions of man. In the old world's rubble, an ancient legend inspires a new hero to rise, but will our intrepid trio survive until his emergence?
Call of the Falconer is a dystopian novella creating a new mythology, as the forgotten dregs of society become its heroes.

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