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Cover Contest 2019: Evil Nature

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  • Crime
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Evil Nature cover small
The exciting conclusion to SOUL CHASER…

Enemies make strange bedfellows… especially the dead kind. And you know you should never trust a vampire.

When Jacques appears at the PI’s door, Reece cannot believe his eyes. They watched him burn in the sun, so how is he standing in the doorway of Double D Investigations offering to help resurrect Andre from the realm of the dead?

Reece wants his best friend back, and if getting into bed with Jacques, so to speak, will make that happen he’s prepared to go against his gut instinct and do whatever it takes. Bad decision? Definitely. Does he have a choice? No.

The vampire wants something in return. Something Reece and his team haven’t been able to pull off so far. Something the PI isn’t sure they can deliver. Jacques knows what he’s asking could get the private eye killed. Is that his intention?

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