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Cover Contest 2019: Heroic

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Cover in category: 'Non-Fiction' > 'Religion'

Cover Contest 2019: Heroic
It’s in the movies we see. It’s in the news stories we hear. Every man is stirred by the heroic. From boyhood on, we search for heroes, starting with our fathers. But somewhere along the way, all our heroes disappoint us, and our attempts to be a hero do no better, leaving us confused and unsure. Yet the heroic longing never leaves us, reawakening in the stories we love. We want to that heroic man, but we do not know how.

Yet Jesus does. He was the great Hero of all time. And He calls men to follow Him. His aim is to coach us, making us into heroic men like Himself. As we follow, He will first lead us into a place of fear and trembling. He will lead us into death. It is our initiation as men into the new life of the heroic. We will taste that death as He asks us to detach from our idols and unmask the false self. But the death will be followed by a stunning resurrection. We will find out our true names before Him and be given a heroic quest for His kingdom. But most importantly, we will discover the secret of true greatness, letting our lives go to serve others.

In the end though, we will become most heroic in the silence of His presence. Here we will feel His gaze of love, remaking us into His heroic image, uniting us to Himself.

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