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Cover Contest 2019: Jaguar

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Fantasy'

Cover Contest 2019: Jaguar
Valaria is young, in prison and pregnant. She is also a Jaguar.

After she was ripped from her home in the southern Pantanal region of Brazil, she was cast into a cold and damp illegal predator collection on the edge of Exmoor Forest, England.

The brutal slaying of her mate prompts her escape, but preparing for the imminent birth of her cubs may be harder than she could have ever imagined. Heavily frequented by humans, the north Devon woodland presents an even more dangerous proposition than her natural home in the dark and humid rain forests of South America. Bringing them into the world may be one thing, but raising them safely is another matter.

If her captor and tormentor, Edward Forsyth, succeeds in tracking her down then putting herself between the barrel of his gun and her cubs to ensure their freedom may be her only option

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