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Cover Contest 2020: Blank Check: What Would You Do If You Could Reinvent Education?

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Young Adult'

Cover Contest 2020: Blank Check: What Would You Do If You Could Reinvent Education?
Inspiring young adults to reimagine public education, Blank Check is a novel about young people and a generation that is prepared to step in and re-engineer public education.

The problem with gathering the forces of educators and businesses to advance the process of Science, Technology,

Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) with Career and Technical Education (CTE) education is not that it is unworthy of their attention.

It’s not that it’s unimportant to the future kids coming through public schools.

It’s not that people do not get cheered when they champion new standards.

It’s ALL of these.

STEM and CTE education need a story. Today’s culture advances things through storytelling. It needs a context. That’s what happens when there is allowed incremental advances to nonchalantly lead the way. It fails to inspire.

Blank Check is that story.

It’s a fictional tale grounded in pure reality.

It is an intriguing, inspirational Young Adult novel that takes place on a fictional U.S. island, but the story that evolves could help reshape public schools in America.

So here, for the first and hopefully not the last time, there is a tale offered that can inspire people because when the destination can be seen in the distance, it quickens one’s pace.

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