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Literary Titan Awards Silver Medal to My Life at Sweetbrier
October 05, 2019 | Breaking News
Deanie Humphrys-Dunne is thrilled to announce her chldren's memoir, My Life at Sweetbrier-A Life Changed by Horses, won the silver medal from Literary Titans Reviews. Read more abut it here:

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Cover Contest 2018: Avalon Wishes

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology'

“Before the dreams…Were the wishes.”

Part I: Friendship
Atrox is a deity who gambled hard - and lost. Shunned from his pantheon, he is sent to the underworld as a demon lord. His new job? Create havoc on Earth, corrupt the hearts of easily influenced humans and, overall, be evil.
Emrys is a young man, barely out of his teens, dealing with his father's brutal abuse. When he learns the true origins of his Fae birth, he leaves his old life behind to seek a new one and become the one is meant to be: Merlin.
As these two opposites’ fates intertwine, Atrox and Merlin will battle, form bonds, and ultimately learn to respect each other for the good of humanity.
When another Fae enters the equation, not even Atrox’ warnings can keep Merlin away from the alluring woman. Unaware he is putting the fate of the world in danger, blind to anything but the will of destiny throwing them together, Merlin will stop at nothing to protect her.
They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions…

Part II: Love
Vivienne, magical princess of Elsior, was born to a great destiny.
Mordred, son of two powerful beings, was born to an evil fate.
In the second part of Wishes, the previous characters intertwine with these two game-changing personalities.
While Vivienne grows and learns to use her powers under Merlin’s tutelage, Mordred builds on the hate for his father, gaining in magic. He is a shadow to Vivienne’s every step, one not even the faithful Alistair can keep her safe from.
In the midst of the forming of Camelot, of Arthur meeting Guinevere, Lancelot falling for her, Vivienne and Mordred’s deadly rivalry will increase – but to what end?

Part III: Loyalty
He was the boy who would become the greatest leader.
She was the woman who ensnared him, to ultimately betray him.
Arthur, born by Merlin’s hand and taught by him, grows to be a fearless leader. When his mentor brings him to a courtyard with a sword embedded in stone, he has no idea just how much his life will change.
Guinevere steps into the king’s life like temptation itself, and Arthur is lost with a single glance. He is unaware of the calculating intentions hiding behind the baby blue eyes, and even less of her lack of loyalty.
As Guinevere spins a web intricate enough to capture both Arthur and Lancelot, Merlin has to deal with demons from his own past.
And through it all, the budding rivalry between Vivienne and Mordred is about to come to a head…

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