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New Release: Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis
September 07, 2019 | Breaking News
Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis aims to cut through the misinformation, stigma, and assumptions that surround mental illness and give a clear picture of what mental illness really is.

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Coming of Age'

Cover Contest 2018: Among the Jimson Weeds
Thirteen-year-old Conor Kelman loves Wylina. Next on the list is Sport, an Australian Shepherd mix.

He learns that things are taken away.

Moved around the country like a bag of groceries, he faces heartbreak in a new town with nothing to ease the pain but a pawnshop guitar and the ghost that comes with it.

Coming of age in the 50s--a time when little is known about ADHD, Conor is in a constant state of awkward discomfort. Inwardly, he hangs from a cliff by his fingertips, waiting for what's next to go wrong.

Raising a kid that is different from the first three, the mother relies on God, and his father uses physical discipline. Neither prayer nor the belt works. Despite being a spitting image of this dad, Conor harbors thoughts that they aren't his real parents.

It's easy to make a list of those he can't trust. Wylina and Carlos, a kid he's never met, come first. Next comes parents, teachers, and friends who turn on you. He writes his perfect brother Franky in pencil because it gets moved a lot.

Bk-1 Running Nowhere Series Totally Free. Read the excerpt or click the green button and read it now.

Coming of age, Dysfunctional family, ADHD, Young love, Ghost, Music, Hank Williams

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