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Excerpt #1 from upcoming Book 2 of the Moojie Littleman Trilogy: The Boy Who Killed Time

I’m going to share random excerpts from my next book on the 25th of each month. Please feel free to comment, I learn from you! Book 2 is a continuation of Moojie’s life, but I want it to stand alone, as well. Boy, am I having fun with this! The following section introduces eighteen year-old, able-bodied Moojie, and his sidekick Abu, ranch hand and former grocer with uncertain origins…   Chapter 1 Continuing the trials and amusements of the valiant Moojie Littleman, with dubious input from his loyal companion, Abu,  and other incidents worthy to be recorded by the most able historian The world has ended many times. Ask Moojie Littleman. Four years after the disaster of the century, he was rid...
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ABOUT THE BOOK No good deed goes unpunished in the Whisky Business cozy mystery series as distillery owner Abigail Logan uncovers dark secrets—and murder—at a local charity.

 Photojournalist Abi Logan is finally ready to put her hectic career on hold and set down roots in the heart of the Scottish countryside. Studying the business and art of distilling whisky at Abbey Glen and volunteering at the Shepherd’s Rest women’s shelter in her spare time seem a surefire way to find the peace and stability she craves. It’s also the logical way to take her mind off her personal life. Abi’s business partner, Grant MacEwan, is facing a career-threatening disability, and as much as Abi longs to be there...
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Great concept for a mystery!

Coma Confidential  audiobook cover art
LISTENER Susan Patterson Coma Confidential  Ash Suspense Thrillers with a Dash of Romance, Book 1By:  Uvi Poznansky Narrated by:  Heather Jane Hogan   Great concept for a mystery!  Overall            ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 5 out of 5 stars Performance    ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️       5 out of 5 stars Story        ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️     5 out of 5 stars Reviewed: 06-21-19 I was tense throughout the story! Trapped in your body and knowing people want to kill you! Well-written! Heather Jane Hogan did a great job narrating. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. You voted on this review! Original link

The Power of Historical Fiction – Encounters of Faith in Asia: Past, Present and Future

Lastly, when reading a work of historical fiction, you should be able to say that you are learning new things about the context and history of the place. Often when I am going to a new country or a new part of the United States, I love to find a book about the place written preferably by someone from there. Sometimes it is a work of non-fiction, but often it also may be a historical novel if available. I have recently been reading historical novels by Ivan Doig on the history of Montana and have thoroughly enjoyed them. via The Power of Historical Fiction – Encounters of Faith in Asia: Past, Present and Future Original link

The State of Historical Fiction #HNS2019 | A Writer of History

On the topic of whether this is a golden age for historical fiction (see this NYTimes article for reference), one panel member reflected on readers’ desires to look back at earlier times to gain an understanding of today’s cultural and political difficulties. Others spoke of growing interest in hearing from voices across the spectrum, seeking to appreciate experiences of previously marginalized groups, and of a desire to read about extraordinary women in extraordinary times, particularly in light of the #metoo movement. via The State of Historical Fiction #HNS2019 | A Writer of History Original link


The mind can be a strange place. It can think up dark stories. With monsters and demons. A little murder and mayhem. Skulls and bones for decoration. Maybe your cup of tea is blood. Your coffee carries some poison. Let your mind roam the...
 (Source:  darkness-denise-soul )     The mind can be a strange place. It can create dark stories. With monsters and demons. A little murder and mayhem. Skulls and bones for decoration. Maybe your cup of tea is blood. Your coffee carries poison. Let your mind roam the darkness. And maybe beyond. Original link Original author: Susanne Leist

Still Breathing

Hello all. If has been a very long time since I’ve been here, but I wanted to assure you that I’m still alive. My life has taken on so many changes, but I’m finally able to breathe. In January, I unplugged from everything spiritual. I laid my dog of 12 years to rest, and I thought I would lose my mind. I took some time to shut off the spirits so that I could grieve. It was difficult coming home without my sweet boy to greet me. My son and I struggled with his loss, and we still do. However, we have a new family member that has really helped us. Her name is Artemis Grace, and I am training her to be a therapy dog. She turned 5 months old on Saturday, and she still has a lot to learn. She is e...
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The new book has been outlined: now comes the fun part

This morning I put together the first proper outline of a book that will supposedly see the light in early 2020: a non fiction book for a small but classy Italian publisher dealing with one of the topics of this blog: travelers and explorers in exotic parts, between 1800 and 1940-something. The trick will be weaving together the lives of at least twenty historical characters, so that the volume will be a homogeneous narrative and not a series of episodes. So I spent quite some time trying to decide whether to use time or space to tie the story together. Following geography seemed a good option at the start: it’s a lot more easier to build a single narrative about people that are actually in ...
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Author Interview with Deryn Lake, Author of The Prince's Women

New on Amazon UK and Amazon US The story of a man of Scottish legend. Charles Edward Stuart was the Bonnie Prince from overseas, risking all to fulfil his people's destiny I'm pleased to welcome historical fiction author Deryn Lake to The Writing Desk: Tell us about your latest book The Prince's Women is an account of the life and adventures of Bonnie Prince Charlie, who came out of exile in Italy and landed in Scotland full of the brave intention of getting rid of the Hanoverian King and returning the land to the Stuart kings the Scots people loved so well. When Charlie’s grandfather – King James II – was removed from the throne of England because of his Catholic views, the family were forc...
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NEW RELEASE JUNE 24! Sadira Stone's RUNAWAY LOVE STORY, Book Two in the Book Nirvana Series

 JUNE 24 IS RELEASE DAY FOR RUNAWAY LOVE STORY!  About Sadira Ever since her first kiss, Sadira’s been spinning steamy tales in her head. After leaving her teaching career in Germany, she finally tried her hand at writing one. Now she’s a happy citizen of Romancelandia, penning contemporary romance and cozy mysteries from her home in Washington State. When not writing, which is seldom, she explores the Pacific Northwest with her charming husband, enjoys the local music scene, belly dances, plays guitar badly, and gobbles all the books. Inspiration for the Book Nirvana Series Until recently, I was one of those readers--literary snobs who look down their noses at romance for the usual stupid r...
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Music Monday: “Livewire”

This video popped up in my YouTube recommendations, and I loved it. Enjoy Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, and the legendary Mavis Staples performing “Livewire” live on Ellen. Original link

Welcome to the new Blog/Web site!!!

Deadman’s Tome has taken over Roadie Notes! Don’t worry we are just adding amazing content! We will be doing author interviews but also have some exciting new pages you will want to check out! If you are a creative and are interested in being interviewed please contact us at http://This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We offer a few ways to be interviewed. You can be a guest on our podcast or we can send you questions for a written interview. If you are a creative we want to talk to you! Original link

Pretty Poppy

In the field this am. They are everywhere this year and lasting longer than usual. Oh, so pretty. This wild variety does not have a sinister side and bees love it! Photo copyright SvD. Original link


© WordsandphotoscopyrightSamanthavanDalen

Your Journey to Becoming Unskippable

This is sort of a business book. It’s full of business case studies and marketring advice. But, it’s also a book about encouraging you to think bigger. Kukral sings the praises of what he defines as unskippable people and businesses. These are basically people you can’t ignore and firms you want to do business with. The purpose of the book is to inspire you to become someone who can’t be passed over or to transform your business into one that attracts people. I found the book both inspiring and depressing at the same time. The inspiration comes from the stories and the advice on how to go about becoming unskippable. All good motivational and personal growth stuff. The depressing part is Kukr...
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Dealing with bugs and other critters in the house

When you have cats and a pet door, you can expect your cats to bring you “gifts.” Yes, thank you. I see you caught a gecko, but kindly take it back outside. I don’t want it in my house! (The cat rarely obliges.) Typically, I can deal with a lot of things they bring in. And no, I am not picking up any of these things with my hands! (More power to you if you can do that.) Live birds – Close the blinds, open the front (or back) door and using a broom to get them to fly and hope they go out the open door. This is sometimes hard when they get to the second story of the house and always gravitate to the window that doesn’t have blinds. Live Snakes – Usually not a problem as again, you open the doo...
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F.E. Feeley Jr. – The Color of Love Series

Today, I have author F.E. Feeley Jr. in the interview chair today.  We discuss his latest series The Color of Love, a m/m contemporary romance.  Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. **** 1. What are you passionate about these days? Writing, politics, friends, my people (gay), I’m really finding all of this intersectionality with … Continue reading Original link Original author: Maggie Blackbird

Book Review: Partners in Time by Stevie Turner

Book Review: Partners in Time by Stevie Turner
Stevie Turner is an author I have featured previously. Partners in Time by Stevie Turner My rating: 5 of 5 stars One could argue the tagline for this excellent book could be ‘Emily is still desperate for a husband and children, and John is the answer to her dreams.’ The trouble is Emily and John […] The post Book Review: Partners in Time by Stevie Turner appeared first on Stephen Bentley . Original link

Book Review – The Doll by JC Martin

The Doll is a graphically written creepy short story that packs a big punch into its 30 or so pages and will leave you with a healthy distrust of dolls. In my opinion, JC Martin’s gem is a must-read for any aficionado of horror stories. While it’s not the most groundbreaking story I’ve ever read … Continue reading Book Review – The Doll by JC Martin Original link

The Impact of Sleep on Romantic Relationships by Alicia Sanchez

Sleep affects every part of your life, from your food choices to your driving to your mood. When you're tired, you are more likely to be grouchy, react poorly to even the most minor changes in your plans and to be less interested in physical intimacy. Here's why! Less Sleep = More Grouchy Everyone is in a worse mood when they don't get a good night's sleep for any reason. The more often this happens, the worse your mood will be in the long term. This can also lead to issues with anxiety and depression that could require medication to fix. If you catch yourself being grouchy for no reason, maybe try taking a nap. Naps give you a boost of energy and improve your mood! Less Sleep = More Stresse...
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Book Review: Unglorious War by Maxine Flam

Our latest I Love Romance Blog review selection is Unglorious War by Maxine Flam. What a read! 😀 The novel was a gift copy provided well before I became an official reviewer on ILRB. Going into this review, I should … Continue reading → Original link