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  Of course, they do. Who else keeps you awake at night? Who haunts your nightmares? Your mother-in-law? No. It’s The Dead. They walk the streets of Oasis. They take their victims with stealth and finesse. Find them in THE DEAD GAME. They return in PREY FOR THE DEAD. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Original link Original author: Susanne Leist

The Cobalt Sky

The Cobalt Sky is book 10 in Keith Dixon’s Sam Dyke Investigations series. The story is driven by the theft of an artwork and the dysfunctional relationships of the artist’s family. The more Sam looks into the people associated with the artist, the more dysfunctional the family appears, and the less likable the artist becomes as a person. The investigation is hampered by a lack of honesty in several key players, one of whom is the thief. No surprise there, but there are a few surprises in the telling of this tale. A good read. You can get a preview and purchasing details at: The Cobalt Sky . Original link

Death of Katherine Willoughby, Duchess of Suffolk, and the mystery of her curious tomb at Spilsby

Katherine Willoughby, Duchess of Suffolk, 12th Baroness Willoughby d'Eresby and subject of my forthcoming book, Katherine - Tudor Duchess, is one of the most unusual ladies of the Tudor court. A favourite of King Henry VIII, Katherine knew all his six wives, his daughters Mary and Elizabeth, and his son Edward, as well as being related by marriage to Lady Jane Grey. Her mother, Maria de Salinas, was the Spanish lady-in-waiting and companion to Queen Catherine of Aragon. and her father was William Willoughby, 11th Baron Willoughby de Eresby. King Henry VIII granted William and Maria Grimsthorpe Castle in Lincolnshire as a wedding present. Katherine married Charles Brandon (subject of my book ...
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It's finally here! Release day for the fifth book in the Goose Pimple Junction mystery series. It's been three years since the last GPJ book was released, but the wait is over. And now . . . a little self-promotion . . . ABOUT THE BOOK It's election season, and there's a new candidate in town. Virgil Pepper is determined to take the job from Goose Pimple Junction's long-time mayor. Virgil is a charming and charismatic candidate but someone who will say anything (and mean none of it) to get what he wants. Three things top his list: to become mayor, to acquire Jackson Wright's land, and to make Caledonia Culpepper one of his many conquests. Wynona Baxter is back, and she's a new woman. Now Dai...
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  I will fight. I will fight the hunters. I will fight to the death. I will ride proud and free. Man will not tame me. I will not be ridden. I will remain as free as the wind. I was born free. I will die free. Original link Original author: Susanne Leist

How to make a Spinach and Ricotta Pie

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Fiona Memoriam

Heal the intangible heart? Real tears, virtual tears, streams of salt water-- flow over your soul. You gasp for air watching gold fly through the air. Small hairs land softly. Once a reason to grab a vacuum now a twinkling memory. Hide her toys, wash away her delightful smell? Stop looking at photos. Talk about the weather? She is there-- forever in your heart. She licks from the inside. Kissing and playing— Jumping, running and wagging her tail. Again, you gasp. She will never leave. You might as well vacuum. Original link

The Autumn of Patreon, episode 1 – Writing on Demand

As I think I mentioned – or I should have mentioned – I’ll devote this autumn to the development and growth of my Patreon. I want more patrons, and I want happier patrons. So I am announcing a number of new perks for those brave souls that decide to gamble a few bucks on me and my writing, and show small glimpses of things to come. The World of Tomorrow, if you will… For instance, You Outline It, I Write It (a.k.a. YOIIWI) Starting in the first week of October, on Tuesday, I will post a short paragraph on my Patreon page, accessible to all my supporters in the Five Bucks Brigade or above. The beginning of a story. Or maybe not a text, but a picture. All my Patrons in the five bucks brigade o...
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Something to get excited about!

❣Here's a little hint as to what I've been working on all summer...New romance coming soon!amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0";amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false";amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "rachellevaughnblog-20";amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual";amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart";amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon";amzn_assoc_region = "US";amzn_assoc_title = "Saddle up!";amzn_assoc_linkid Original link

How Scooby Doo Revived Gothic Storytelling for Generations of Kids | CrimeReads

According to Burke, the natural world was so stupendous that it evoked awe and astonishment. Essentially, upon witnessing the sublime, the human mind just stopped. Waterfalls or the edge of a precipice were common examples of the natural sublime. They awakened our reverence for nature but not without horror. Ironic, how something so beautiful can also be utterly frightening. With this in mind, when Scooby Doo’s creators usurped the settings reserved for gothic horror, they must have also been cognizant of their effects—which they used. A great deal. via How Scooby Doo Revived Gothic Storytelling for Generations of Kids | CrimeReads Original link

Welcome to the: “GRANDMOTHERS: A FORCE FOR GOOD” Blog Tour! @HealthMN1 @4WillsPub #RRBC #RWISA

Today, ForeignCorrespondent welcomes author (and grandmother) Harriet Hodgson and her new book: Force, How Grandmothers are Changing Grandchildren, Families, and Themselves. To quote from the book’s Amazon synopsis: “Becoming the grandmother of twins changed Harriet Hodgson and altered her life course. According to Hodgson, we live in a fast-paced, complex time, a time when too many grandchildren are victims of bullying, Internet scams, and sexual abuse. Hodgson believes that grandmothers are needed today more than any other time in history.” Below, Harriet shares some of her favorite quotations about writing–a discipline at which she clearly excels. QuotesAbout Writing I love writing. I lov...
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The Boy Who Wasn’t Me And Other Scary Stories

Voices from beyond. Imaginary friends. Unsettling sights. All this and more … The Boy Who Wasn’t Me I met a boy in the park. He said he was me. He had my clothes on. His hair was like my hair. He knew all the things about dinosaurs that I knew. The boy said that it was my turn to sleep in the park tonight. It was only fair. He said he had been here too long. I turned around. My mum was reading her book. ‘Don’t bother asking her,’ said the boy who wasn’t me. ‘She’ll only agree with me.’ ‘But that’s not fair,’ I said. ‘She’s my mum, not yours. Why would she let you go home with her and leave me here? Why would she do that?’ The boy who wasn’t me smiled. He thought this was very funny. ‘How wou...
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Quote of the Week – September 18

But when people say ‘Did you always want to be a writer?’, I have to say no. I always was a writer. ~ Ursula LeGuin Original link

Writing Tips from Mark Twain.

 The advice that Mark Twain gave in a letter to D. W. Bowser in 1880 is famous and often quoted even these days. Here it is in full: Writer Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) circa 1907 “I notice that you useplain, simple language, short words and brief sentences. That is the way towrite English – it is the modern way and the best way. Stick to it; don’t letfluff and flowers and verbosity creep in. When you catch an adjective, kill it.No, I don’t mean utterly, but kill most of them – then the rest will bevaluable. They weaken when they are close together. They give strength whenthey are wide apart. An adjective habit, or a wordy, diffuse, flowery habit,once fastened upon a person, is as hard to...
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Scheduling – #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

I recently joined the Author Toolbox Blog Hop.  What is it?  A chance for authors at any stage in their career to connect by providing helpful posts related to all things writing.  The Hop occurs once a month, with the exception of November and December.  My first post for The Hop is on scheduling.  So … Continue reading Original link Original author: Maggie Blackbird

Terrific thriller

Once a Liberal Arts major in French Literature, J.A. Schneider , a former staffer at Newsweek, brings aspects of her fascination with medicine, forensic science, and human psychology into her gripping thrillers. I am honored that she read my work. This is what she says about my medical thriller,  Overdose : J.A. Schneider, author of suspense and psychological thrillers 5.0 out of 5 stars Terrific thriller September 17, 2019 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase This third in a stunning series had me glued to the page. Ash has been out of her coma for a few months when dizziness and headaches require her to re-visit her neurosurgeon, Dr. Patel. He is an unnerving man whose history includes...
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I’m back. I’ve submitted my info to TEDx IVC. The outcome is yet to be determined, but I’m glad I challenged myself to move on it.  During my “downtime” I was able to breathe a bit, although a tropical island is still calling my name (I’ll get there!). I also had the opportunity to reconnect with someone I hadn’t seen in many, many years. We discussed our respective lives and pursuits. Eventually, we discussed my book. He admitted to having cheated on a few girlfriends in his youth. It seems infidelity is a rite of passage in some odd way.  We eventually chatted about marriage, something he’s never experienced. I asked if an infidelity conversation before committing to marriage would be an o...
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Well, that was fascinating …

I was coming back here to write about something else, and found that I had a threatening e-mail (via my contact page) and comment (permanently deleted) from a white supremacist in reference to the link I shared about the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing. Suffice it to say that this individual now has the rare distinction of having been blocked. This is what white supremacy looks like: threatening anyone who dares to show support for people of color, or to speak out about what happens to them. And that is actually what I came here to write about. When my dad died, I mentioned that he had given away the bride when one of his African-American students, Joe, married a white woman. Her own fami...
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Flap your pretty wings  and take flight.  Leave the masses behind.  Fly high to the sky and above.  Soar through the clouds.  Look down upon us.  At those left behind.  To lead our mundane lives.  Fly high and be happy.
  Flap your pretty wings as the bluebird sings. Prepare to take flight. Fly with all your might. Soar through the turquoise sky. You can never reach too high. Fly, Pretty butterfly. Fly. Original link Original author: Susanne Leist

Recommended Read – The Woman in the Photograph by Stephanie Butland

An empowering, thought-provoking feminist novel that will change the way you see the world. Perfect for fans of Elizabeth Day, Claire Fuller and Joanna Cannon. 1968. Veronica Moon, a junior photographer for a local newspaper, is frustrated by her (male) colleagues’ failure to take her seriously. And then she meets Leonie on the picket line of the Ford factory at Dagenham. So begins a tumultuous, passionate and intoxicating friendship. Leonie is ahead of her time and fighting for women’s equality with everything she has. She offers Veronica an exciting, free life at the dawn of a great change. Fifty years later, Leonie is gone, and Veronica leads a reclusive life. Her groundbreaking career wa...
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