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An Excellent Listen!!

Virtually Lace audiobook cover art
LISTENER Shannon G 339 reviews 96 helpful votes 339 ratings Virtually Lace Ash Suspense Thrillers with a Dash of Romance, Book 2By:  Uvi Poznansky Narrated by:  Don Warrick  An Excellent Listen!!  Overall    ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️   5 out of 5 stars Performance    ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 5 out of 5 stars Story    ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 5 out of 5 stars Reviewed: 02-15-19 This is a murder mystery that starts somewhat slowly but then picks up speed. There's plenty of twists and turns to keep the listener hooked until the end. Oh, the end you will not see coming! I love when an author can have me convinced only to turn it upside down! The narration was well done and really helped to bring the story to life. I really en...
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ABOUT THE BOOK True crime writer Leah Nash is stunned when police investigating the murder of a beautiful young college professor focus on her ex-husband Nick. Leah has no illusions about her ex, but despite his flaws, she just can’t see him as a killer. Reluctantly, she agrees to help Nick’s attorney prove that he isn’t. But Nick’s lies make it hard to find the truth, and when a damning piece of evidence surfaces, Leah plunges into doubt. Is she defending an innocent man or helping a murderer escape? She pushes on to find out, uncovering hidden motives and getting hit by twists she never saw coming. Leah’s own flaws impede her search for the truth. When she finds it, will it be too late to ...
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Happy Heart Day!

💝💟Here's to finding the romance in each and every day!amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0";amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true";amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "rachellevaughnblog-20";amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual";amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart";amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon";amzn_assoc_region = "US";amzn_assoc_title = "Love yourself...";amzn_assoc_linkid = " Original link

Love Act

Love Act
Is it an act? The worst crime in the world is to play with love. Love defines truth. We cannot survive without both. The first time you feel that feeling you know it is important. You can’t take your mind off it. It keeps a man and a woman joined even when 5000 miles apart. The military knows it for sure. Letters from home are clutched tightly to the heart. Top left pocket. One has no problem taking any bullet to protect family. To protect a child. To protect love. Why?…… Why? To protect our flag. Why is it worth it? That is a love act. To give up your life for another. To give up your life for all…. Fools for love? If not for Love then for what? With Love in your heart you see and feel the ...
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Joining author groups and forums

Image result for groups
This post is the sixty-six post in a series about writing a novel. You can check out the list of past topics at the end of this post. Becoming an author – self-published or traditional – doesn’t mean you have to work alone. You can connect with other authors to receive encouragement, discuss current publishing trends and advise you on which promotional opportunities helped them the most. You can join author (or reader) groups or connect with others on forums. Groups Groups are simply a collection of people who share a similar trait – went to the same school, have red hair, live near each other, write sci-fi books, or any of a gazillion other ways to group people. Facebook Facebook groups can...
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Six-Word Story Challenge – “Tarot”

#6WordStory #SciFi #Fantasy #Horror #Romance #SciFan #AnyGenre #IndieAuthor TODAY’S CHALLENGE IS: “Tarot” “I’ll be famous?” “After you’re dead.” I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Feel free to post your answers on my website, FB, or wherever you happen to find this post. Cheers,J. I. Rogers The post Six-Word Story Challenge – “Tarot” appeared first on . Original link

Still my favorite song

One day I will write a story. It will be called Still my favorite song, that is a quote from a song by Burt Bacharach, called It was you. I often use old songs to find a title for my stories and my works. My weird western gaming supplement for Deadlands is called Messico & Nuvole, and that’s the title of a song. All the Hope & Glory novellas have a title based on a record or a song, and Hope & Glory itself references Edward Elgar, of course. One day I will write Still my favorite song, that is a story about a guy that after thirty years still has dreams in which he meets his first love. I could quote Donald Fagen’s The Goodbye Look, given the premise, and call the story An old lover dressed ...
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An Unexpected Passing

Hi, everyone. I’m still on my day job business trip, but I needed to write something. You may remember me mentioning my cousin Kenny in my article about Uncle Al’s autograph . He was my favorite of all of my cousins; he lived with our family for a while after Uncle Al died. He played accordion, which was fun when I played violin. About half of my little girlfriends had a crush on him; he was a high school boy who treated us with respect and like our thoughts were worth hearing. We could talk about just about anything, and when I was facing a challenging time as a young adult, he was always there on the other end of the phone to talk. At one point in his life, he was a police officer in Wheat...
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Just because I decided to save your hide.....#Book Hook' from Beloved Enemy - #MFRWHooks

This is my first foray into 'MFRW 'Book Hooks' I'm thrilled that the third book in the Destiny Trilogy, the award winning 'Beloved Enemy', will soon be joining the first two books Starquest and Children of the Mist as an audio book, as well as eBook and paperback. Each book has a hero and heroine with there own 'happy ever after' but each story features some of the same characters and a link to the starship Destiny Here's my 'bookhook' and an excerpt. I hope you enjoy it. Cat may be a bit frosty at the moment, but she has her reasons, and when she eventually thaws, she shows a whole different side to her! She gave him her best, withering look. "Fine, and just because I decided to save your h...
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Prayer Hotline – Prayers for Sorrow, Failure, Fruitfulness, Sin, and Worry

Many times I find myself confronted with a specific problem, challenge or an area in my life that I need to bathe in prayer.  However, it is not always easy to find the right words to pray.  It is then I pray … Continue reading → Original link

Book Review: Boardroom, Bedroom by Gemma Snow

This week’s I Love Romance Blog review selection is Boardroom, Bedroom by Gemma Snow. If you’re looking for a short story with a lot of meat and very little potatoes, this one’s for you! Geneva is a business woman trying … Continue reading → Original link

History of St. Valentine's Day ~ Happy #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDay2019

Valentine's Day is here, and in the tradition of dedicating my blog to a bit of history about certain holidays and traditions, I decided to look into the facts behind St. Valentine and the reasons we celebrate love and romance on February 14th.  Turns out, there is quite a bit of conflicting information regarding this particular saint and the holiday named for him. Disclaimer: as always, please keep in mind I am a romance author, not a historian!   The name Valentine comes from the Latin word "valens" which means healthy or strong.  The derivation Valentine was a popular name between the 2nd and 8th centuries AD, which could explain part of the confusion surrounding this saint. St. Valentine...
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Leiji Matsumoto has been drawing comics and animated features forever, and it makes sense that when Japanese animation was first distributed in Italy, one of Matsumoto’s works was at the forefront of the anime invasion. Space Pirate Captain Harlock hit my country about six weeks before my 12th birthday, and instantly became my favorite Japanese cartoon. No giant robots stomping over the suburbs of Tokyo, but good old fashioned space opera – and it was just what the doctor ordered for a kid that had spent two years reading Jack Williamson and Edmond Hamilton. I mean, come on… space pirate? Where do I sign up? Matsumoto’s Northwest Smith Matsumoto’s cover for Shambleau Only much later would I ...
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The Eleventh Film – Horror/Science Fiction Flash Fiction Series

glitch 1
The Eleventh Film XI Someone suggested that we simply ask the angels what it is was that the world had done to warrant such attention. If we do this then we might know, they said. And if we know then we might find favour with them by stopping doing what it was we did to incur their wrath in the first place. But how to go about this? The digital was now an obsolete concept. That whole new world was now just more relics and ruins. Millions of dead devices piled high like cairns and contours. Redefining eyelines in every direction. All those memories and images and files lost forever. The world hung this particular hope on a beehive. An elderly beekeeper suggested that his last remaining hive m...
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Remembering Kim Bok-Don

Last Sunday I hosted Paige Etheridge on my blog. Paige has recently written an historical novel about the pan pan girls in Japan. Pan pan was a new word / phrase to me. It is a derogatory term for a prostitute and refers to the Japanese women who provided sexual services for the occupying forces (mostly American GIs) after the Second World War. Although despised by polite Japanese society, the pan pan were in fact encouraged by the Japanese Government, with the intention of protecting their upper and middle class women from the attentions of the foreign soldiers. The pan pan, as Paige’s novel recounts, were seen as theshameful ones, not the system that used them. By contrast the ‘comfort wom...
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Translate your books for free with Babelcube #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to have your books translated into other languages?  My books are available from Amazon in thirteen countries - but only to the English speaking readership, so I began looking into the costs of translation. My research led me to the Babelcube website  and the partnership model had an immediate appeal to me, as I've had great results with s similar approach for audiobook production with ACX. Babelcube provides an easy way for publishers and independent book authors to partner with translators and distributes their books in up to fifteen languages globally. Translators are paid via a share of royalties, so the only cost is little time choosing and ...
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Six-Word Story Challenge – “Missing”

#6WordStory #SciFi #Fantasy #Horror #Romance #SciFan #AnyGenre #IndieAuthor TODAY’S CHALLENGE IS: “Missing” “She checked. She’d lost a day.” I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Feel free to post your answers on my website, FB, or wherever you happen to find this post. Cheers,J. I. Rogers The post Six-Word Story Challenge – “Missing” appeared first on . Original link


ABOUT THE BOOK Has a curse fallen on the small town of Taylorsford, Virginia? After a young woman goes missing during a spring bonfire, library director Amy Webber must wade through the web of lies only to find a truth that she may not want to untangle.
 Spring has sprung in quaint Taylorsford, Virginia, and the mayor has revived the town’s long-defunct May Day celebration to boost tourism. As part of the festivities, library director Amy Webber is helping to organize a research project and presentation by a local folklore expert. All seems well at first—but spring takes on a sudden chill when a university student inexplicably vanishes during a bonfire. 
 The local police cast a wide net to ...
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Written While You Watch

In July 2018, I undertook a small experiment and wrote a short story while readers “watched.” Naturally it wasn’t quite like that. I wrote and published the story on , so nobody was actually looking over my shoulder. Instead, I inserted comments as I wrote, indicating some of my thought processes and points at which I took breaks. The result was “Zoe,” one of my most popular Medium stories to date, not bad for a first draft. Two weeks later, I published the final version, which contained substantial edits. You can read both versions here: Zoe – first draft Zoe – final version I like to think the story proved popular because it’s good, but a lot of writers found it valuable in anot...
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Do You Use Unexpected Detours?

Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Recent conversations convey the theme, ‘use unexpected detours.’  Initially, it may seem to us that the dots do not connect. However, with perseverance and the motivation to learn why the detours are happening, we can move past them and then advance. My Story Sharing the snippets of my experiences finds me reminiscing about how the unrelated dots came to connect. Either mystery remains, or a seeming miracle will happen when we use relentless determination. After getting past the ‘why me?’ question, I seek out the broader answer to ‘why?’ Discovering the elements leading to the answer makes all the difference. And then the work begins. Five differentiators ...
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