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Historical Fiction Spotlight: The Silken Rose: Beware the She-Wolf from Provence (The Rose Trilogy) by Carol McGrath

Available for pre-order from Amazon UK and Amazon USThey called her the She-Wolf From Provence. She'd shape the destiny of England ...1236. Ailenor of Provence, cultured and intelligent, is only thirteen when she meets her new husband, Henry III of England. A foreign and friendless princess in a strange land she is determined to please him. And she knows that when the times comes she must provide an heir, to secure the throne against those who would snatch it away.Rosalind, a commoner skilled in the arts of needlework and embroidery, catches the young queen's attention and a friendship blossoms. But she is unprepared for the dangerous ramifications of winning the queen's favour ...As closene...
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Stepping into a dead man’s shoes is a tricky thing

If you can not see this chirbit, listen to it here“It must have been their way to bid him farewell,” I say. “Perhaps, you should be grateful to them—”“You’re right. I really should. Conveniently, they left no trace of him.”I try not to raise an eyebrow. “Conveniently?”“Once they were done with him, there was no way to exhume the body or find out the cause of death.”“That’s too bad.”“Physically, I resembled him, to the point that people would often mistake me for him. So, taking on his identity was effortless, at first.”I recall what he said to me on our first date. I find a delicious irony in the idea that an impostor can be better than the real thing.In the face of m...
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Why is setting important to historical fiction? | A Writer of History

In three separate surveys of reading habits and preferences (check the Reader Surveys tab on this blog), the top three reasons for reading historical fiction are: (1) to bring the past to life, appreciating how people lived and coped in very different times, (2) because it’s a great story, and (3) to understand and learn about historical periods without reading non-fiction.How can authors bring the past to life without exploring modes of travel, the circumstances of daily life, or the religious beliefs of the time? How can readers learn about a particular time period without seeing the characters of the novel confronting the conflicts and challenges of that era? How can a character’s emotion...
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What Happened to Latin After the Fall of Rome?

As someone who not only speaks three Romance languages but is presently studying Latin so that I can read inscriptions myself, I found this really interesting!Nicholas C. RossisReaders of this blog will be aware of my fascination with all things linguistic. So, I just had to share Susanna Viljanen’s and Dan Toler’s answers on Quora on what happened to Latin once Rome was no more.It may surprise many to realize that Latin is alive and well over fifteen centuries later. Latin never disappeared. It simply evolved. But it evolved differently in different places, and that’s how we ended up with the diverse set of modern Romance languages.What Happened to Latin After the Fall of Rome (476 AD)?Afte...
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6 Worst Pandemics in History and What We Can Learn

Today, I am sharing the following post from Learning Mind, which bills itself as a “source for deep thinkers, lifelong learners and truth seekers.”It’s a fascinating look at the six worst pandemics in world history—at least those pandemics we know about. How many occurred before people kept records of such events, is anybody’s guess.The article is written by author and journalist Sherrie Hurd. Some of the worst pandemics in history have taken millions of lives. What lessons have we learned from these horrible events?Understanding the history of the worst pandemics requires the ability to differentiate between the epidemic and pandemic in the definition. First of all, the epidemic is an outbr...
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Whiling away time..

....perfecting poached eggs (hubby):On home made bread.Making a nut pie with leftover Christmas walnuts and hazelnuts:Simple things provide infinite pleasure and bring out the best in us.Photos copyright SvD.Original link


© WordsandphotoscopyrightSamanthavanDalen

Inteachán – Book Four: The Strikethrough Lemniscate 4: 9 ‘as if baptizing the flicker’

Inteachán blew as gently as you would on a baby’s cheek.As furiously as you would on a piping hot drink.She breathed.Exhaled.Sighed.Inteachán insufflated, as if baptizing the flicker but also unaware of the sacramental nature of her action.She caressed the tinder, delicately placing and replacing, cajoling as she did so.It was very cold underground and Inteachán was not only wet but also freezing yet something seemed to saying that a fire would not be welcome here. This something was not a wind or a draught, more a sense, an instinct; a feeling that Inteachán knew all too well but could not yet find the words for.Original link

Colette Davison – Forgotten

Today, I’m hosting author Colette Davison and her latest release Forgotten, book two in the Heaven and Hell Club, a m/m contemporary romance.  Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. **** Book Title: Forgotten (Heaven and Hell Club Book 2) Author: Colette Davison Publisher: Independently published Cover Artist: Colette Davison Release Date: March 25, 2020 … Continue readingOriginal linkOriginal author: Maggie Blackbird

My new project – back from the dead after 82 years

I have just mailed a signed contract and then I’ll start working seriously on the outline of a 10.000-words story that promises to be fun to write, challenging, and might be the start of a series. Which is a nice way to try and dispel the lethargy this lockdown brought about. What happened was this: Pro Se Productions, a publisher so reckless they even publish my stories (I mentioned Explorer Pulp a few days back, but there’s more), apparently went and licensed forty-two characters thatwere intended to form the stable of a little-known pulp magazine publisher based in St Louis, Missouri, a fly-by-night publishing company that was born and fizzed out in a matter of a few months, back in ’38. ...
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Special Guest Interview with Mary Ann Bernal, Author of Crusader’s Path

Available for pre-order from Amazon UK and Amazon USI'm pleased to welcome author Mary Ann Bernal to The Writing Desk:Tell us about your latest bookCrusader’s Path is set during the First Crusade (1096-1099). Etienne d’Argences and his overlord, Duke Robert of Normandy, embark on a quest for redemption, joining Pope Urban’s Soldiers for Christ, and freeing the Holy Land from Muslim rule. Urban proclaimed that anyone dying during the arduous journey or on the battlefield were absolved of their sins.Avielle of Cologne, a healer, ministering to the city’s ostracized lepers, needs to reconcile herself with God after committing a grave sin known only to herself and the Lord. Not daring to reveal ...
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Guaranteed Happily Ever Afters! Lucky in Love #Romance #Book Fair! #amreading

Right now I think we could all use some Happily Ever After stories, and when writing Romance, that's a requirement of the genre.  I actually think this presents quite a challenge, especially to authors of Romantic Suspense like myself.  I have to work really hard to make readers fear for my characters when on some level, readers of romance know that at least the main characters will survive and be happy...if not "ever after", then at least "for now" (unless it's a series with a sequel to continue the story, but I write standalone novels).  So in addition to vengeful ghosts, murderous villains, and other external dangers, I also throw all sorts of internal conflicts at my characters (for exam...
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The Drama Club-Part 2 (The Stagehand-Finale) blog post #382  Stage SpotlightsCourtesy of publicdomainpictures.netWell, has Jarrod ripped his britches with Kahn (please don’t try to make anything out of that comment, it’s a good Oklahoma saying)? Let’s see how things progress.*****THE DRAMA CLUBPart 2 – The Stagehand (Finale)Later that afternoon, Jarrod watched from his perch as Kahn built a mockup of his first set. He had removed his shirt and worked bare-chested. Jarrod replayed last night in his mind while watching the muscles play beneath that golden-brown skin. Kahn glanced up at him occasionally but continued working. Not wishing to confront the boy, Jarrod went to one of the lighting banks and began to clean the rig...
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The Drama Club-Part 1 (The Jock) blog post #380Courtesy of en.wikipedia.orgGot a lot of hits on last week’s post (My Personal Hero). Hong Kong particularly liked it. I had more visitors from there than I did the US. Hope they enjoyed it.Some time ago, I wrote a series of 5 stories under the title of The Drama Club, each with a subtitle. I pulled them out and took a look at them, deciding I want to publish them as blog posts. Here’s the first one, called “The Jock.”*****THE DRAMA CLUBPart 1 – The Jock          A tricky, fast-paced scene, the kind Jarrod Gray liked. He got the lighting right more often than the actors hit their lines correctly. This was only the second play of the year at Casa Verde College, but...
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Top 20 Books on African History, Peoples, Healing from Slavery and More!

Join the Afro-Caribbean Heritage AllianceWelcome!In order to Heal Thyself, You Must Know Thy Self!Here are the Top 20 plus Books on African History, People’s, and Healing the Soul from Slavery, Sickness, Identity Crisis, and More!CLICK THE LINK BESIDE EACH BOOK TO PURCHASE!1. Tracing Your Caribbean Ancestors:*2. African Holistic Health: Read MoreOriginal link

Inteachán – Book Four: The Strikethrough Lemniscate 4: 8 ‘a barely flame’

Had Mac been down beneath the hill with Inteachán he would have been thrilled to point out that the presence of vegetation in such a hypogean environment would have indicated an entrance and therefore exit somewhere.‘Biospeleology,’ he would told Inteachán, ‘is the scientific study of cave organisms and the ecosystems that support them.’ Inteachán would have smiled in silent admiration.But Mac wasn’t here and Inteachán didn’t feel much like smiling right now. The impressive height of the weeds she had gathered in a pile now taunted her with its looming presence as she struggled to keep a barely flame alive.Original link

#APC #Spotlight: Wolfgang (The Wolfgang Trilogy Book 1) By F. D. Gross!

Hey Everyone!! :-)I've got FD Gross in my APC spotlight, today! FD is an active and supportive member of the  Authors-Professional Co-op Facebook group and his gothic, vampire, horror, fantasy novel, Wolfgang, looks great! Here's the description:Sixteen years have passed since the death of Lord Egleaseon, the vampire lord who sought to be human again, defeated by the famous noble lord, Wolfgang. One day after cleansing the surrounding countryside of vampires, Wolfgang returns from his latest expedition only to be faced with the horrible reality that everything he held dear to his heart has been taken from him. His wife is dead, his home is burned, and his son is nowhere to be found. Only the...
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Tainted Love

Today, I am hosting an LGBT anthology that will benefit the Save the Children charity:  Tainted Love, a dark folklore anthology.  Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. **** Book Title: Tainted Tales (A Dark Folklore Anthology for Save the Children) Authors: Claire Marta, Anna Edwards, Faith Ryan, Sara Dobie Bauer, Emma Jaye, T.S. McKinney, … Continue readingOriginal linkOriginal author: Maggie Blackbird


  Dancing in the moonlight can be hazardous to your health.   🌴THE DEAD GAME🌴   My warning has come true. Stay at home.    Original linkOriginal author: Susanne Leist


Wolf has returned. Has he come for me? Lift his mask, and you shall see . 🌹PREY FOR THE DEAD 🌹 Original linkOriginal author: Susanne Leist

And then this happened …

I had no idea this was a milestone, but that’s how many posts I’ve made since starting this blog. My thanks to those of you who read and/or subscribe.Original link