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10 Minutes Till the Savages Come

So today is the day I’m recording my first podcast for my Patrons.
To celebrate, my neighbors are having a bbq party with loud Balkanian music.
But it’s all right: I’ve been wasting time looking for a title and a theme and an idea for the first recording, and suddenly I hit on all three within ten minutes – and I could bore you to death with my ideas and beliefs about inspiration, ideas and how they sort of come to us, but, really, I think I’ll spare you.

The blog will be called 10 Minutes Till the Savages Come, that is the title of a song recorded by Manhattan Transfer in 1991, in the record The Offbeat of Avenues.
My podcasts will be ten minutes long – because, reasons – and the title, now that I’ve decided, feels like a no-brainer.

I even looked into getting a license to use the intro to that song as an intro to my podcast. Because it’s private and all that, it would cost me only 1000/1200 dollars, apparently. So thank you but no, thank you.

I will go and record it in the wild – or at least, along the course of the Belbo River, where the local administration has placed – or so they tell me – some benches. My whole recording studio fits in my pocket, which is good.
Afterwards, I’ll do a bit of post-production just to clean it up, and I’ll upload it.

Because my Patreon page is, as it happens, bilingual, I’ll record 2 podcasts, one in Italian and one in English. Because I’m working without a script, part of the challenge will be saying more or less the same things in both recordings.
I might avail myself of a little mind map to keep track of the topics, but that’s it.

So, what will my podcast be about, what will be the theme, what idea will I pursue in this first episode.
I guess you’ll have to be my Patron to know.

As a consolation prize, here’s the song that inspired the name of the ‘cast, with the intro I won’t be able to use…

Happy Birthday, Jerry Lee!
Is Our Fate in Our Clouds, Not in Our Stars?

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