Novelty Revisions

1. Every writer starts out with a blank page and no paycheck.

2. Bad ideas are better than no ideas.

3. It’s OK to fail; some people never even try.

4. Just because you aren’t making money doesn’t mean your work doesn’t matter.

5. Sometimes, technology breaks. It’s trying to tell you that you need a break (not TO break) too.

6. Some people are nice. Some aren’t. It’s probably not your fault either way.

7. It doesn’t have to be perfect to get published. It just has to be something on its way to getting closer.

8. You can work hard without working all the time.

9. We all make mistakes. And then we write stories about them and occasionally people really like reading those kinds of stories, so it all works out.

10. You don’t have to try to be ‘as good as’ another writer. Just be your…

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