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5 Star Review of Book 3, The shadow palace by Jane Steen.

Book 3 in the series was a wonderful conclusion to the series, The house of closed doors. 
With no hesitation, I can recommend this book to all readers that love a good historical mystery with a touch of romance. Ms Steen's writing simply leaves you wanting for more from her pen.
The characters of Martin, Nell, Sarah and Tess has become mature and easily related to. They became live like in your mind. 
The plotline grew from curiosity to maturity over a good time frame that invites you into the lives of Nell, her daughter and their best friend, Tess. Adding more supporting characters it is a well-crafted book that takes you back to the younger years of America and the perceptions of different classes, women and business. 
The Feminist movement was alive and well in this book, with Elizabeth doing her part to bring it to the forefront of the story. It was women like her that set the wheel in motion for us, years later to enjoy the life we now live. Free Love was a topic thoroughly explored by the characters thru the hand of the author. 
Add murder, an investigation with Pinksters and Nell following heart while entering a new culture and you know you will have a wonderful time. 
Thanks for such a wonderful story. 

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