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A bad month for suits

A bad month for suits

Some men only own one suit that is pulled out for funerals or special occasions. Some men have never owned or worn a suit. And then there are those that because of their job they wear a suit daily. My husband falls somewhere between the one suit guy and the one who wears a suit every day.

He is an attorney, but because he isn’t in court daily or having clients come to his office, he mostly dresses casually – think jeans and t-shirts. It isn’t unusual to see his staff walking around in slippers. He does own four suits for those occasions when he goes to court or gives a speech.

January, however, was not a good month for his suits. It began when he went to a seminar held here in San Antonio. On the first day of the seminar, even though he wasn’t speaking, he chose to wear a suit as he had a city council meeting that evening. He doesn’t like suits, so he left the tie and suit jacket in his car while he was in the seminar.

And when he came out later…his car had been broken into and the suit jacket and tie were stolen along with a leather pouch. (No broken window so he is thinking he might not have locked the car.)

He didn’t have time to run home before the city council meeting, so he went with half a suit and no tie.  But at least he had a good story.

So now he was down by one suit. Two of the others needed altering as he had either gained or lost weight since he last wore them. He took them in to be altered. And when he went to pick them up…he ended up with 1 ½ suits instead of 2. The jacket on the second suit wasn’t his. Somewhere along the way when the suit was sent from the store to the alteration place, the pieces must have separated. The jacket that came back was definitely not his.

Now, we have always bought his suits at Men’s Warehouse. They have decent prices and when he first started wearing suits, he was super skinny, and they were one of the only places to carry suits in his size. They were very apologetic about the suit mix up, and to make it up to him, they provided him with a new suit.

And they didn’t steer him to the sale rack or push a cheap suit on him. They picked out some nice suits, and the one he went with was easily double the cost of the suit that he had brought in for altering.

At the beginning of January, he had 4 suits. He ended the month down to 2. And now, with the new suit, we are back to 3 but probably need to go ahead and replace the one that was stolen. Then he just needs to keep all these suits safe.

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