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A Book Blast The oil apothecary by Porche Berry. A complete introduction to essential oils.

The oil apothecary was born out of a need to organize and convey important safety information about essential oils. A personal experience with safety issues and a child created a learning frenzy that had many people messaging with questions. Answering individual questions takes forever while handing them a book means they can become knowledgable on the topic in their own right. Careful research using a government database, studies, and textbooks such as Robert Tisserand’s book “Essential Oil Safety” was undertaken to ensure the most accurate and complete information would be given. The book has been written so that even a complete novice could understand it while the unique Quick Reference Data Sheet would make it useful even for trained aromatherapists. With 128 individual oil profiles, this is the most complete book on the topic for laypeople. 

No specific brands are promoted. Instead, the reader is shown how to navigate the marketplace by learning what to look for in an oil and a company. 

Quick Reference Data Sheets for each oil.   
These break down the information into 6 sections; 1. The Latin name. 2. The biologically active constituents that are not ubiquitous. For example, water and carbon are excluded because they can be found in every fresh herb. 3. The properties under their technical names. 4. Basic uses, divided by usage type, eg topical vs ingestion. Not an exhaustive list, however. 5. Cautions including drug interactions and other safety info. 6. And any immediate first aid information that may be needed. 
Easy to read lists let you know which oils to avoid for seizure disorders, what is safe to use with your pets, and common medical concerns

When other children were still gaping at cartoons, Porche Berry’s TV diet included programs on nutrition. Seeing pharmaceutical drugs fail repeatedly to treat the long-term health problems of family and friends spurred an early interest in natural medicine. That interest deepened after she became the mother to a child who reacted strongly to pharmaceuticals. During research to help her child, Berry discovered that she had a knack for translating technical topics into lay language. She hopes to help people take command of their own health through 

The Natural Path and her website,

Porche is in need of reviews if you are interested 

contact her for an ARC copy. 

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