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A day off, trips and plans

What a long day.
First, with my brother, we boarded a local train to the city of Casale Monferrato, once the second most important city in the region (after Turin), today a small, rich town with lots of great shops and sights.
The reason of our trip – visiting the new Criminological Art exhibition in the town’s fortress. A very suggestive display of real-life horrors (torture machines, mementos from past crimes and much more), set up by a criminologist with whom my brother (an amateur Ripperologist – you can read his work on his blog, Redjack) is starting a collaboration.


After a morning spent among the horrors and a nice tour of the Casale antiques market, we came back home, took two hours off, and then we went to Nizza Monferrato, to attend the inauguration of a new bookshop.
Nice place, nice people, nice refreshments.

During the “dead time” between transfers and events, I took some time to plan my next project: things are happening fast, and ideas must be refurbished, changed and redesigned.
On the down side, it looks mighty unlikely I’ll be able to submit a manuscript to Angry Robot.
On the plus side, I am recycling the work done so far and planning something that might keep my readers happy for a long time.

But we’ll talk about it in the next few weeks.
For the moment, I leave you with this picture, as a teaser.


This was my favorite book so far
Fall in love with Paris: PARIS IN LOVE by Eloisa J...

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