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A dream: A blue ribbon for us

Have you ever had huge dreams and wondered if they would come true? I have. I wanted to become a champion horseback rider. But at first, only my family and I believed the big dream would happen. Why? Because I was born with a disability which made walking difficult so every tiny milestone became a stepping stone.  That’s why we celebrated the first day I learned to post on my pony, Little Man. We cheered the first time I didn’t fall off when I was learning to canter. And we practically declared a local holiday when I jumped cross rails without falling off.

But it was even more exciting when I got the horse of my dreams. My dad promised to look for just the right horse for me to ride in big competitions. I wasn’t with him because I was working at Sweetbrier while he searched for my horse while he went on a cross-country trip. Sometimes my dad loved being a big tease. I’d ask, “Daddy, did you find my horse yet? But he’d say, “No honey, I saw this horse and that one, but not the right one.” And then, he came home with an empty trailer rumbling into the driveway. I stood on my tiptoes and looked inside-no horse. Just as I swallowed tears, Daddy explained he’d found her, but she was in Ohio. We’d pick her up when she’d recovered from cuts and scrapes she got in a trailer accident, riding to her first show. I looked into her big, kind eyes and it was love at first sight.

Peach and I spent the rest of the summer learning about each other. We had our ups and downs, but confidence built that we’d be a formidable team. We practiced daily, with visions of the dream coming alive. Finally, the day arrived when Peach I trotted Peach onto the trailer and we were off to our first show. Beautiful horses took the course. When my turn came, I patted Peach’s sleek, black neck and we were on the course. She took every jump perfectly; the way I’d imagined. Peach tossed her head and pressed her neck against my hand, like she always did when she was pleased with herself. We heard, “Ladies and gentlemen, the judge would like these numbers to trot onto the field.” Our number was first!

That day, the manager of the farm asked, “Where did your dad get her, honey?” I said, proudly, “He found her in Ohio.

‘She’s a really nice horse,” he answered.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you celebrate each victory and challenge yourself every day. May your dreams come true.



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